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Mission of Camp Rockfish

Our mission is to help people experience and grow in the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Meet the staff that is here to ensure that our mission is being fulfilled and a staff that is here to serve you. 

Check out all the programs that Camp Rockfish has to offer.

Has Camp Rockfish made a positive impact on you? The BEST way to thank camp is to pay it forward! 

"A great place for team building and leadership development. Great facilitators,  challenging obstacles on the ground, and even better ones in the air!"

"Camp Rockfish is a special center full of God's love. I know that when I send my child here,  they will be safe, have fun, and enjoy new adventures."

"A part of our community that gives backs and provides a place for all children during the summer. My children attend Camp Rockfish's summer camp each year and have a blast!"

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