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I Wanna Go to Rockfish!

Ready for your child's return to school, but need somewhere for after school? Sign up for our after school program!
Why a Faith Based outdoor after school program?

We encourage a lot of activity and a lot of free time at Camp Rockfish because we know that both are essential for proper brain development, especially at this age. Studies have shown that not only does physical activity help prevent childhood obesity, it actually helps school performance. In addition to these cognitive benefits, free time also helps with the development of social and communication skills. Camp Rockfish provides both structured physical activity and unstructured free play where kids can be creative.


At Camp Rockfish, children have the additional benefit of being outside which encourages even more activity and creativity, allows for the benefits of sunshine, such as Vitamin D, and helps children develop an early appreciation for nature.

Rockfish Camp and Retreat Center’s After School Adventure program is a Christ-centered outdoor activity based program. Our focus is to keep kids active while teaching them to follow Christ and serve others.

School Pick-Up Available At:

Wayne Collier Elementary

Rockfish Elementary

Sandy Grove Elementary

Stoney Point Elementary

Rockfish Hoke Elementary

New Century International

Parkton Elementary

Honeycutt Elementary

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