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After School Adventure
Policies and Procedures




Transportation Policy

All Rockfish Bus Drivers are CDL Licensed and have completed training to operate Rockfish Buses. For the safety of your child, other passengers, and our drivers, please review the Rockfish Bus Rules with your student. 

Rockfish Bus Rules:

1. Remain seated while the bus is in motion

2. Listen to all instructions the bus driver gives

3. Use inside voices on the bus 

4. Do not eat or drink on the bus

5. Keep your hands to yourself

6. Be kind

7. Hands and other objects must be kept inside the bus at all times

If registration for a school is below 10 students, another Rockfish vehicle may be used in place of the School Bus. Drivers of alternate vehicles are licensed with clean driving records and have demonstrated competency during Rockfish vehicle training. 

ASA Policies & Procedures

School Absences: Please contact Rockfish Camp and Retreat Center prior to the end of school if your child(ren) are absent if you do not contact the camp office by calling (910) 425-3529 or by emailing a $15 no show/no notice fee will be added to your account.

Late Policy: Fees will be assessed for any pickups occurring after 6:00 PM. Late Pickup Fee is $10 for 1-10 minutes, $35 for anything above that. 

If the office has to register you a $15 processing Fee will be added to your account.

Refunds for cancellations are at the director's discretion.

If registering mid-semester, price will be prorated based on the month. Attendance will start the Monday after registering. No mid-week starts.

Discipline Policy: All After School Adventure Participants are encouraged to have a positive attitude and have fun. Any behavior issues will result in a discussion with their ASA counselor. Secondary issues result in a discussion with the Children's Ministry Coordinator. Tertiary issues result in a discussion with parents and the Children's Ministry Coordinator. Any following infractions may result in dismissal from the After School Adventure Program. 

Please consult the caregiver handbook for a complete list of policies and procedures. 

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