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Policies & Procedures

School Absences: Please contact Rockfish Camp and Retreat Center prior to the end of school if your child(ren) are absent if you do not contact the camp office by calling (910) 425-3529 or by emailing a $15 no show/no notice fee will be added to your account.

Late Policy: Fees will be assessed for any pickups occurring after 6:00 PM. Late Pickup Fee is $10 for 1-10 minutes, $35 for anything above that. 

If the office has to register you a $15 processing Fee will be added to your account.

Refunds for cancellations are at the director's discretion.

If registering mid-semester, price will be prorated based on the month. Attendance will start the Monday after registering. No mid-week starts.

Discipline Policy: All After School Adventure Participants are encouraged to have a positive attitude and have fun. Any behavior issues will result in a discussion with their ASA counselor. Secondary issues result in a discussion with the Children's Ministry Coordinator. Tertiary issues result in a discussion with parents and the Children's Ministry Coordinator. Any following infractions may result in dismissal from the After School Adventure Program. 

Please consult the parent handbook for a complete list of policies and procedures. 

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