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Give the Gift of Camp for Christmas

Hello Camp Rockfish Families!


We hope to find you well going into this holiday season. It is our hope that Christmas is a wonderful time for you and your family. We are grateful for each and every one of you as this year has really been a time of recovery for Rockfish Camp and Retreat Center and that is due to in part to all of you.


Why Give Camp for Christmas?


Each holiday season, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are faced with the hard decision of what gifts to give children. This year, as part of your holiday gift list, consider the Gift of Camp.


  • Camp provides children with organized activities, time for free play, a nurturing and safe environment, and essential time in the outdoors — a great experience that offers extraordinary learning opportunities and enduring memories. This year give a special child in your life the gift that lasts a lifetime — give them the gift of camp.


  • Camp offers experiential, energetic, and interactive activities that are a healthy respite from too much screen time. “Getting kids off their screens — and convincing kids how good it feels to be unplugged — can be a real challenge,” says writer Audrey Monke. “Summer camp can help.”


  • As this holiday season approaches, offer the children in your life a gift that will provide them with time outdoors, a chance to play, an opportunity for experiential learning and growth — plus memories, skills, and experiences they will cherish their entire lives. Let’s pass up the newest electronic toy this year and give the gift of camp.


After you register, wrap up the perfect gift:


After you make your registration Print out a certificate, and tuck it in a new backpack, roll it in a new sleeping bag, wrap it around a new flashlight—or put it in a traditional gift box complete with colorful paper and a bow. No matter how it's delivered, imagine the delight when the gift is opened, and the child discovers that camp is in his or her future.


Save 10% off your Summer Camp Registration:


If you register now through December 31st you can save 10% off your camp registration. Just click the link below, select your desired camp , follow all steps for registration, and select the available discount prior to check out. This special discount can not be combined with any other discount such as our military discount. The 10% off applies to each camp session registered for but it excludes Military Appreciation Camp due to the fact that MAC is already highly discounted for our military and veteran families.