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Venture Crews


Camp Rockfish is 486 acres of potential for Venturers. Between fire pits, high ropes courses, miles of backcountry trails, and a spread of service opportunities, we can accommodate any adventurous soul. Venturers can tackle The Fort,  our 30’ high climbing adventure which includes an eight element challenge course, and then race a friend on the 450-foot dual zipline. During the same visit, Crews can plan and lead day hikes, multi-night campouts, and cook over an open campfire, or enjoy a meal prepared by Camp Rockfish’s dynamic culinary team. The team at Camp Rockfish is trained in the facilitation of group experiences, cultivation of team growth, and the debriefing of activities to reveal the hidden learning opportunities. Crews can use the camp facilities and   programs to develop the leadership skills of their members.

Camp Rockfish’s mission is to help people experience and grow in the love of God through Jesus Christ. We welcome the opportunity to help Scouts further develop their ideals in accordance with the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Camp Rockfish is a Christian-based, outdoor center that invites all persons of all backgrounds and religious beliefs to get outdoors and enjoy God’s great adventure.

Click the link above and answer the following questions:
- How many people will be participating in the project?
- What is the age group of the Scouts?
- Do the leaders have any special skill sets that they wish to use?
- Does your Crew have a specific interest or theme for the project?
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