Resident/Overnight Camp

Completed Grades 2-12 I Cost $475
June 7-12, June 14-19, June 21-26, June 28-July 3, July 5-10, July 26-July 31, August 2-7
Resident/Overnight camp is the best way for campers to experience all that a Rockfish summer has to offer. Every camper will be a part of a small group of 12-16 campers led by two gifted and loving counselors. The mission of our small groups is to create a safe environment of acceptance and support where campers can feel free to discover who they are and who they can be in Christ.
     Each week begins with a Sunday night, camp-wide experience, “The Great Adventure,” and ends with a powerful time of worship and commitment. In between there’ll be joy, laughter, growth, fun, friendships, and challenges. Whether it’s a camper’s first or fifth time at Rockfish, there is something new and exciting waiting to be discovered.
Every day starts with a devotion and ends with worship. Throughout the week, campers enjoy at least four different activities during the day, along with special all-camp evening activities like our Thursday night Luau.               Check-in is Sundays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, where campers will be greeted by our enthusiastic Rockfish staff. After the campers are settled in their cabins, the fun begins with group games and dinner—including live entertainment, a camp-wide game, and an opening night campfire complete with songs, skits, and setting the stage for all God has in store for the week. That’s just in the first 6 hours. Pick-up will be Friday following the close of our 4:00 pm celebration gathering until 6:00 pm.
God has exciting things in store for 2020.
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Specialty Overnight Camps



Completed Grades K-2 I Cost $260
June 14-17 or July 12-15

Mini-Camp is a condensed adventure of the resident camp experience for younger campers.

Designed specifically for first time campers, this mini- week offers the traditional 5-day Rockfish experience, but in 3 days. The staff are specially trained to meet the unique needs of young, first-time campers. The goal is the same: let kids have fun, build friendships, and help them know the love of God so that they can move forward with their faith in Christ. Mini-campers will follow the normal daily schedule of activities with the exception of an earlier lights-out time so that they’ll have plenty of rest. Parents, if there is a special concern about your camper having a first-time camp experience with children his/her own age, our second mini-camp is scheduled the same week as our Elementary Camp, July 14-19.


Elementary Camp

Completed Grades 2-5 I Cost $475
July 12-17

Elementary Camp is a Rockfish resident camp for elementary age campers only.

The week will include the Great Adventure kick-off and camp fire, roll through the week with the same exciting Rockfish activities, include all the fun, friendship, and faith focus as every Rockfish summer week, but geared for the unique needs and heart of an elementary age camper.


Middle/High School Camp

Completed Grades 6-12 I Cost $475
July 19-24
Join fellow teens for this extreme week of Resident Camp designed for the unique needs and challenges of the middle and high school age camper. For Teens and Tweens wondering if summer camp has anything to offer, this is the week that shouts, "YES!" From next level paintball challenges, evening kayaking journey, and all of Rockfish's high adventures!

Arts Camp

Completed Grades 6-12I Cost $475
June 21-26

This is THE Resident Camp session for creative middle and high schoolers looking for a new way to spend their summer. Spend a week dabbling in the arts; painting, drawing, sculpture, and pottery. Kick-start your creativity, or grow your skills all while embracing the adventures at camp! Let your creativity soar to new heights!


Water Camp

Completed Grades 2-12 I Cost $475
August 2-7

August is the hottest month of the year, so why not spend a week relaxing, playing, and adventuring in the water? Water Camp is resident camp with an H2O theme. Campers will enjoy the same schedule and all the perks of resident camp (camp-wide activities, worship, etc), with a little (or a lot of) H2O thrown in.

How about water balloon capture the flag?

Have you ever tried to do high ropes with a super soaker?

A Zip-line that ends with a splash anyone?

Water Camp is the ideal option for campers to stay cool as they experience all Rockfish has to offer.



Backpacking Trip
Completed Grades 6-12 I Cost $350
July 5-10

Throughout the Bible, when God wanted to teach His people something, He took them on a journey. God still works that way. Rockfish’s backpacking week is our chance to journey with God as He meets us on the Appalachian Trail in the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia. After taking part in the camp-wide Sunday activities, the backpacking group will load into the Rockfish bus early Monday morning and head to Damascus, V.A. for a 30 mile, 4 day hike in the Mount Rogers Wilderness area. Great fun, friendship, and certain growth in faith is all but guaranteed. An orientation and training in all aspects of backpacking will be provided (via video prior to the trip and on Sunday night). Gifted and qualified staff will lead the adventure.


For more information about this opportunity, or a list of equipment (tents and group equipment will be provided), contact the Director, Jim Martin, at


Night Owls

Completed Grades 6-12 I Cost $475
July 5-10
July 19-24

Night Owls is Resident camp for those who love the night hours.


If you frequently stay up to the wee hours of the morning and sleep to almost noon, then Night Owl Camp is for you. Night Owls enjoy every life-changing and challenging experience of resident camp, but with one significant difference: many of their major activities will take place at night. Campers will sleep much of the day and play through the night. Special, night-only fun, partnered with our special mix of Rockfish activities, puts a new spin on camp for your night owl. Join us for midnight canoeing, treasure hunts, night climbing, campfire meals, and so much more.


Not a morning person? Then this is the perfect week for you!


Family Retreat

Cost Adults: $120 Children 4-11: $80
July 17-19

Bring the whole family for a summer weekend of fun and faith! Enjoy all of the Rockfish activities as you grow closer to God and to each other. Join us for The Journey as you kick back and relax while our friendly Rockfish staff helps you create a weekend of memories.


End-of-Summer Weekend Rock

Completed Grades 6-12 I Cost $120
August 14-16

Looking for a way to get fired up for the new school year and the next leg of your journey? Join us for a rockin' weekend celebration of fun, new friends, crazy games, worship, and adventure. Whether it's just you and a friend, or an entire youth group, don't miss the chance to end your summer with a bang.

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