Rockfish on the Road

Jesus said in Matthew, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest” (11:28). In many respects, throughout the year, we have the privilege of setting the table for groups to come to the camp and experience just that; to find rest, retool, and regroup in order to return to their ministries, churches, homes, and schools reenergized. From retreat groups, to summer campers, scouts, or schools experiencing our outdoor education program, people come to Camp Rockfish, and we’re honored.

Jesus said, “Come,” but his final invitation was to go, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). Camp Rockfish’s final C of our 5C guarantee is Change. After experiencing Community, Challenge, Confidence in the love of God and an encouragement to Cultivate that relationship, we invite our summer campers to GO home and be change agents for the Kingdom of God.

Over the past few years, our Hands of Christ summer mission weeks and our After School Adventure ministries have been carrying the “GO” mantle for Camp Rockfish. This year, we’re taking Christ’s invitation to go to a new level with Rockfish on the Road (RoR). In short, RoR is sharing the summer camp experience with children and youth in our surrounding area who would not otherwise be able to come to camp. Our July trip to Falcon Children’s Home in Falcon, NC is a great example of the what and why of RoR.

For many summers, we’ve been blessed to minister to about 15 youth from Falcon. Those 15 typically receive financial support from our campership fund and area churches. However, there are 60-70 youth on the Falcon campus throughout the summer. In order to reach the other 50+, we’re going to take camp to them. We’re going to take the fun. We’re going to take the friendship of our excited, Christ-centered summer staff. And most importantly, we’re going to take the good news of Jesus Christ as we share the summer theme of being Set Free in Christ. We are going because we can’t reach whom we’re called to reach if we only invite.

We’re excited about Rockfish on the Road and the new avenues of life-changing ministry it will open up to us as we continue to live into the vision and calling God has on Camp Rockfish. You can help us make RoR happen by:

Praying. Pray for other ministry opportunities to continue to open. We are currently scheduled to go to Falcon and Fayetteville Urban Ministries. We’re also in conversations with the Lumbee tribe and an organization in Fayetteville that works with homeless families. We’re praying the doors open to the areas God wants us to go in this first year.

  • Pray for fertile ground and receptive hearts.

  • Pray for direction in the planning, and inspiration in the implementation.

  • Pray we expand so that we can truly be Christ’s witnesses at the camp, in our community, our counties, and throughout the Carolinas.

Volunteering: If you would like to be a part of RoR, let us know. The more the merrier when it comes to passionate people sharing the love of Christ in a new and exciting setting.

Giving: Rockfish on the Road is being offered free of charge to everyone who participates. We are currently seeking grants to help offset the projected $3000 needed per week to support RoR. The cost will cover staff, transportation, and program needs. However, grants are not guaranteed. If you would like to financially support Rockfish on the Road, go online and donate specifically to Rockfish on the Road, or send a check to the camp office.

Come and visit Camp Rockfish sometime. We would love to share all that God is doing at, in, and through the camp.

In Christ,

Jim Martin


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