Playing After School

Hi Rockfish Families! It is an honor to be writing for you again. Today I would like to share what the word “change” means to me. Often times when we hear the word “change”, we think of something different, or in a negative connotation, but at Rockfish, “change” refers to growth. One of the biggest changes I have witnessed since I have been at Camp Rockfish has not been our new buildings or adventure areas (while they are super cool!), but it is the growth of our After School Adventure program. When I first arrived to Camp Rockfish in May 2016, I began researching what our community needed. At the time, we had an After School Care program that was competitive with fellow after school programs. We started the 2016-2017 school year serving three schools and about 15 fifteen families with a name change; Camp Rockfish After School Adventure. In the months leading up to the new school year, our team polled teachers and parents alike asking what do the children of our community need after school? The number one answer was "play time". The concept of outdoor play became the focal point of our program as we knew that we wanted to change to better serve our community. We are blessed with an abundance of outdoor space and activities, so we decided to use it. As a Christian based organization, we took a step back to examine who were serving with our After School Adventure program. Yes we were serving campers who know who Christ is, but we were also opening the door to those who may not know who Christ is. As Christians, we do not exclude populations as were are humbled with messages of our kind and loving Lord. Our team at Camp Rockfish did not hesitate to welcome every child to our after school program. I am so proud of the team that now stands together 2 and half years later, as we are in the spring of the 2018-2019 school year. This week we have over 70 families enrolled in our program, and our cornerstone is still outdoor Christian play. Each day our skilled team assists campers with their homework, while providing snack, mentorship, and expert silliness facilitation. Our team also leads in song and worship each day, before breaking up the campers into small groups for activities such as archery, BBs, slingshots, crafts, hiking, biking, campfire building, and so much more. Our After School Adventure Director, Laura Dragonetti, has brought so many new games and activities to our program, and I am humbled to have her be a part of our Rockfish team. Change can be scary, but when you have the right group of people working towards a shared goal, we can move mountains for the kingdom of Christ. We are incredibly blessed to have the after school program that we have, but we also know that change makes us better. By adding new schools, changing the bus routes, offering more programs to assist more families, we change daily, but we do so by remaining true to ourselves and remembering what our community needs; play.

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