Sticker Mule and More!

What’s the Deal with All the Stickers?

Hey everybody! My name is Shelby Samples and I am the new Marketing and Outreach Coordinator here at Rockfish. Moving here to Rockfish has been such an exciting time. Coming from a camp in Florida, I am surrounded by a ton of new and exciting wildlife, topography, and yes, I am very cold! While I have taken over a lot of projects, one of my favorite by far is designing our marketing materials. You may have seen some of these designs on our social media pages, as well as if you have seen us at any of our recruiting or outreach events. I love design and the fun and creativity involved to translate the beauty, culture, and adventure of Rockfish into a physical item to share with someone else.

One of these items that draws more attention than anything else is our stickers! I love that we have created an item that really represents the feel of camp and can be carried with people wherever they go! I have Rockfish stickers on my water bottle, car, and planner. I love being surrounded by the designs that remind me of this beautiful place.

I want to share with you today about a company we partner with to create these products, Sticker Mule. They are an awesome resource for creating stickers, magnets, buttons, packaging, and a ton of other really cool products. They’re easy to work with, there’s simple online ordering, and their customer service department is phenomenal. Best of all, they offer something that is really rare and as an artist much appreciated! That is the ability to order samples. You can see, feel, and really understand what product you are buying without the commitment of making a full order! It is a lifesaver!

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