Like Eating an Elephant

Maintaining and improving the 40 plus buildings and structures; 130,000 gallon pool, docks and aquatic equipment; buses and camp vehicles; and over 70 acres of landscape can seem overwhelming. The Camp Rockfish maintenance staff is challenged daily. Like any large task, we tackle one project at a time. In the same way that you would have to eat an elephant, one bite at a time, we tick off the items on our to do list. The maintenance team has a variety of skills that God put together which supports and encourages each other.

William has the patience of a Saint. He often spends hours researching projects looking for the best solution. William is also very skilled at knot tying and can climb a tree like a squirrel. Not many 21 year olds have his skills of wood working, mechanical, and IT.

God has been preparing me to lead this team for many years, though I never considered this type of ministry as a possibility. I'm thankful for the ability to use skills like electrical, plumbing, construction, and landscaping on a daily basis. Hope to see you soon. Feel free to stop "the men in bibs" and let us know about your experience around our beautiful campus.

With Christs love, Moose

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