Creation Care at Camp Rockfish

In the beginning God made the seas and the forest filled with trees. He made the mountains way up high, and at the top He placed the skies. His fingerprints are everywhere, just to show how much He cares. And in the middle He had some fun! He made a hippo that weighed a ton.

Hip, hip, hip, hippopotamus. Hip, hip hooray God made all of us. Hip, hip, hip, hippopotamus. Hip, hip hooray God made all of us.

If you have been to Rockfish Camp & Retreat Center, you’ve probably heard the Hippo Song being sung during some devotional or campfire time. We have a lot of fun singing this, but it is more than just a funny song. It tells us a truth: God created everything. He made all of us!

The first portion of the Bible tells us the history of creation. It is amazing to understand that God invited humankind to be part of His handiwork when He invited us to be the stewards of His creation.

As a part of our being in mission to God’s creation, Rockfish Camp & Retreat Center, in partnership with Longleaf Alliance and U.S. Fish and Wild Life Service, is planting 27,000 seedlings of Longleaf Pines on the back 100 acres of the camp. Not only will this Longleaf Pine savannah be a step toward restoring and conserving the Sandhills Ecosystem, we will also be able to integrate the area into our growing Outdoor Education program. We are also working with USDA to create a Stewardship Plan to maintain and sustain all of the 486 acres that make Camp Rockfish.

Camp Rockfish is answering God’s call to take care of God’s creation and provide sacred places apart for summer campers and retreat guests. Come enjoy God’s creation with us. We look forward to having you.

What are you doing to be a good steward of creation? We would love to hear from you. Make a comment on our Facebook page.

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