Focusing on Christ

Summer camps. When my children were growing up, we sent them to a number of summer camps. As a pastor, they of course attended Christian summer camps. But they also attended pole vaulting camp, volleyball camp, dance camp, and basketball camp. Every year I tried to find an Understanding-My-Daughter camp for dads, but alas, there was none. Today, the choices kids and parents have of summer camp options is insane. If there’s a specific niche interest, there’s a camp for it; everything from knitting camp to bug camp.

What sets them apart? The most obvious answer is the focus. Is it science-related? Computer? Space? Sports? Christian? Since this is a blog about Christian summer camping, let’s go with Christian. What set’s Christian camps apart? Location is big: mountains, beaches, foothills. Activities are significantly different among camps. Don Lee, one of our sister camps is known for its sailing program. Chestnut Ridge, our other sister camp, is known for horseback riding and farming. Traditions, staff, and facilities are also huge distinguishing factors among Christian camps.