Merit Badge Weekends

Rockfish staff are trained Merit Badge Facilitators who are ready to help your scouting group of all ages and sizes with their advancement needs, as they encourage scouts, leaders, and chaperones to enjoy God’s great outdoors. Throughout the year, Camp Rockfish will design and host large-scale merit badge and advancement weekends.

Merit Badges currently facilitated by Rockfish staff include:


ART What is art?; Elements of art and design; Art media and techniques; Visual storytelling; Functional art and design; Careers in the visual arts.


ASTRONOMY Stars and constellations; the Planets and our solar system; the Moon; the Sun and Stars;   Tools of the Trade; Light Pollution; Careers in Astronomy.


BACKPACKING Planning and preparation; Minimizing risk; Clothing; Gear; Leave No Trace backpacking; Navigation; Backcountry dining; Expecting the unexpected.


COOKING Health and safety; Nutrition; Cooking basics; Cooking at home; Camp cooking; Trail and backpacking meals; Food-related careers.


ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Roots of environmental science; Principles of Ecology; Human impact on the Biosphere; Taking action; Careers in environmental science.


FORESTRY Understanding forests: Trees: Identifying and collecting plant species; Animal, insect, and disease damage; Using forest resources responsibly; Why manage forests?; Fire; Careers in forestry.


NATURE Wildlife communities; Birds; Mammals; Reptiles and amphibians; Insects and spiders; Fish; Mollusks and crustaceans; Plants; Soil and rocks.


POTTERY Understanding clay; Equipment and tools; Pottery projects; Decorating and glazing; Firing; Opportunities in Ceramics; Terminology.


SWIMMING  Safety and first aid; Skills; Strokes; Dives; Swimming for fitness and health.


WOODWORKING Trees and wood; Timber and lumber; Tools and how to use them;  Multiple projects; Finishing wood; Careers for woodworkers.

Camp Rockfish staff can be involved at any level of participation. Scout advancement can be facilitated by your own Unit Leaders, or Camp Rockfish staff. Every aspect of a "Build Your Own Adventure" weekend can be customized by you for your Unit.