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Grades: 2 & 3

Does it really matter? What if your shoes became liquid and your soda became a solid? Learn more about the changing properties of matter and how they work! 

NC Standards

2.P.2.1 Give examples of matter that change from a solid to a liquid, and a liquid to a solid by heating and cooling. 

2.P.2.2 Compare the amount (volume and weight) of water in a container before and after freezing. 

2.P.2.3 Note what happens rot water left in an open container over time as compared to water left in a closed container. 

3.P.2.1 Recognize that air is a substance that surrounds us, takes up space, and has mass. 

3.P.2.2 Compare solids, liquids, and gases based on their basic properties. 

3.P.2.3 Summarize changes that occur to the observable properties of matter when different degrees of heat are applied to them such as melting ice or ice cream, boiling water or an egg, or freezing water. 

Ice Block Delivery

Properties of Matter

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